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Concrete Block Construction Machine with Auto Feeder

The block machine has auto feeding from the down hopper and ensures fast and smooth production of blocks; simply feed the concrete mixer into this hopper. Moulds can be 400mm × 200mm × 100mm, 400mm × 200mm × 150 mm or 400mm × 200mm × 200mm.

Concrete Block Construction Machine with Auto Feeder

We manufacture a range of hollow block manufacturing machines with the following key features:

  • Power: 3.5hp three-phase
  • Hydraulic pump: 2hp, 1,440rpm
  • Vibrator: 1.5 × 2 = 3.0 hp 2,880rpm
  • Traveller: 0.5hp, 1,440rpm
  • Weight: 950kg

Mini hydraulic block making machine

The mini hydraulic, single-phase, stationery block making machine produces special types of paving block and hollow block. It has up to 3.5hp (with two high-speed vibrators).

Moulds are 400mm v 200mm × 100mm (providing 225 cycles/hr to 300 cycles/hr), 400mm × 200mm × 150mm (providing 120 cycles/hr to 200 cycles/hr) or 400mm× 200mm × 200mm (providing 110 cycles/hr to 150 cycles/hr).

Conveyorised Semi Automatic Block Making Machine

Our stationary, conveyorised, semi-automatic block making machine with down conveyor is specially made with a hopper with a feeder.

It mixes the raw material (e.g. cement, grid and sand) and conveys it to the hopper, which will fill the mould and start the vibrator to set the material. Within 45s to 50s the blocks will be ready.

Moulds are 400mm × 200mm × 100mm (from which 600 blocks can be produced per hour), 400mm × 200mm × 150mm (from which 360 blocks can be produced per hour) or 400mm × 200mm × 200mm (from which 360 blocks can be produced per hour).

Customised Paving Block Construction Machine

We also supply a specially for constructing paving blocks. It can make normal cement bricks to any size, as per the requirements of our esteemed buyers, as well as pavement / bricks blocks of any size and design.

Moulds available are 400mm × 200mm × 100mm (4,000 can be produced every eight hours), 400mm × 200mm × 150mm (2,800 can be produced every eight hours) and 400mm × 200mm × 200mm (2,800 can be produced every eight hours).

Cement Mixers

Manufacture a range of cement mixers for the international market. Key features include:

  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Convenient discharge
  • Wide wheel base to give better stability
  • Easy swivel arrangement
  • Convenience of lubrication
  • One-year guarantee for any manufacturing defect

Paving Block Manufacturing Machinery

We also manufacture hydraulic paving block making machinery. The machines incorporates a total of 11.5hp engines, including 6.5hp for hydraulic operation, 5hp and 1.5hp for the vibrator, 2hp for the conveyor and 3hp for the mixer machine. The machine is can run on two cylinders for single acting and three cylinders for double acting. Our block making machinery incorporates both a hopper and a feeder.